Don't Know where to start with your career search?

I really don't know what I want to do next.
What I've always done is no longer available to me, now what?
I'm burned out and need to find something fulfilling.
How do I combine my work and my purpose?

How can I make a difference in the world?
How do I balance my career with my life?
How do I develop a career that I'll love?
How do I translate my skills, abilities and passions into a new career?
How do I get unstuck?

Is the above hitting home for you?  If so, you are in the right place.  New statistics suggest the average person has three to five careers and 10-12 jobs in a lifetime.  We are definitely not our grandparents who often stayed in one job their entire life.  No longer does your degree determine your career—3/4 of college grads don't end up working in their field of study.  True happiness comes from designing a life that works for you, not because you are perceived as successful.  It's never too late to design a life that you love.  A life transition requiring a change in career can feel like your undoing, but I promise with some work, you can find your bliss.  The goal is to build a life and career you can thrive in.

If you are considered successful by everyone looking in, but feel unmotivated, unfulfilled and completely lackluster about your current career, let's talk.  If you want nothing more than to jump out of bed and be excited about going to work, but this isn't it, it's probably time for a career pivot.  If you want to feel like you are making a difference, are authentic in your role, and want to be fulfilled and joyful by what you do, career coaching is likely for you. 

Why I'm Uniquely Qualified
A little about my story...I never directly used my undergrad in Criminal Justice, though it was fascinating, I didn't want to carry a gun and there was a state freeze on government jobs when I graduated...I ended up in the travel industry working for my dad.  What?!  I found myself unemployed when my dad and his wife at the time split up.  Yup.  I had no idea what to do next and struggled for a good year to figure it out.  I wish I would have had a coach to help me. I landed in the hotel industry.  From Scottsdale, AZ to Las Vegas, NV, that was an interesting run from boutique hotels to mega resorts in a variety of positions—sales, catering and marketing.  When it was time for something new, I jumped into the events industry.  I was laid-off.  I took advantage of that opportunity and started my own event company.  A major life transition occurred, divorce, and I walked away from the business.  I got remarried and his job moved us to a tiny town in New Mexico.  Now what?  My resume did not translate to my new environment.  Six months of agony occurred, after which new opportunities evolved, and two new businesses developed, a marketing company and a pet sitting business.   A few years later, his job moved us again to Deep South Texas and I started again with the marketing business and pet sitting business.  Ultimately, I gifted the pet sitting business to my contract back-up sitter and started pursuing coaching which is my until-retirement-career.  Plans for the encore career—a Bed & Breakfast in a lovely resort mountain town yet to be decided.  How many careers is that? 5?  With the B & B being 6?  

I use the Designing Your Life model developed by Stanford professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans to help you uncover a life and career that really works for you.  The goal is to have it all, be fulfilled by your work and joyful to do it.  My experiences, reading and research has provided me with the knowledge and skillset to help you figure out what you would excel at, find pleasure in doing and implement a plan to find that job, develop that career or start that business.  
Who I Help
Educated Middle Management | Retiring and looking for an encore career | Those uprooted and placed in a new environment | Returning and Retired Military | Laid-off and looking 

To book a complimentary exploratory 30-45 minute session call/text Remi Gibbs at (702) 353.5986.  
In this session, we will get to know each other and decide
if we are a good fit for each other.