"This is Your life.  Only YOU hold you back.  Be the YOU you want to be!"

- Remi Gibbs

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I find people fascinating and have always asked many questions to get to know someone.  Naturally curious, one of my top 5 character strengths, (we will find out what yours are as well), I want to know what makes people tick.  This is a perfect character trait for a coach, as coaching is all about you, your needs and your goals.

Working together, we'll take a deep dive and figure out what is important to you, what your idea of success looks like and what it will take to get there.  You will have session homework that you are expected to complete in order to keep you moving toward your goals. Little successes turn into massive results!

I have been a practicing, self-employed marketing consultant and event planner since 2009.  My entire career has consisted of sales, marketing and event design.  I have worked for a variety of large and small businesses primarily focused around travel, hospitality and events.  From a marketing perspective, I have worked with spas, restaurants, retail establishments, event venues, non-profits, catering companies, equipment rental companies, meeting and event planners and other coaches to help them jumpstart their businesses and connect with their ideal clients.

It's All in A Name


Let's address my first name.  It's pronounced "Ray-me".  My mom was a big Sound of Music fan and pulled it out of the scale, Do. Re. Mi. Fa. So. La. Ti. Do.  So what does it mean?  "Re" is a drop of golden sun and "Mi" is a name I call myself.  The scale is written in Italian, hence the pronunciation.  

Renovated Realities

When looking for a name for a business there are certain steps you should follow.  It needs to be easy to say and easy to remember.  It needs to represent what your business does. And most importantly, there needs to be a .com available.  After writing down many words and phrases, Renovated Realities is what I came up with.  What does it mean?  We want to take your current reality, make some improvements (renovate) and make it the reality you want to be living in.  The fact that it was made up of both my husband's and my initials was just a cute accident.

The Softer Side

And just a little bit more about me...I love animals!  My husband and I have two dogs, Merlin (the white wizard), he's a gentle giant, Great Pyranees/Anatolian hybrid and Kona (Hawaiian Coffee and Chocolate), she's a Chocolate Lab rescue, and four cats, Suki (Siamese), Meow Meow (guess how she got her name), Rycher (Queensryche) and Jamie (Outlander).  We rescue—every dog and cat deserves a soft place to sleep.  I also had a pet sitting business for several years.  I am very passionate about traveling and seeing the world.  I still have a long way to go to finish my bucket list.  Our retirement goal is to have a bed & breakfast somewhere in a mountain retreat with a natural water feature, four gentle seasons and a tourist base.  We attempt to take research trips annually.     


  • Certified Life Coach, JRNI Life Coach Training

  • Workshop and Self-Study Designing Your Life

  • MA, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix

  • BA, Criminal Justice/Psychology, Sam Houston State University


  • 25 + years of Sales and Marketing Experience

  • Experienced Small Business Owner

  • Recreated Myself Several Times

  • VIP Contributor to FGB—Largest Career Community for Women