Rates & Packages

Career Transitions

"I'm a retired teacher who had zero work experience outside of the classroom, so when I was faced with a need for additional income to supplement all of the necessities that my retirement didn't cover, I was in a quandary.  Through Remi's patience, advice and wisdom, my confidence grew by leaps and bounds and I was able to build a successful pet sitting business.  I truly love my second career and know I couldn't have done it without Remi."

- Linda Traylor, Critter Care by Linda


My coaching style is very conversational.  I'll ask many questions to understand your specific needs, see where you are coming from and where you want to be.  We'll talk about best practices and how to do things.  I'll be your partner through the time we are working together.  We'll find the answers within you or I will provide them or help you seek them out.  

I expect you to show up on time and be present for our meetings.  There will be homework after every session.  I will expect you to complete whatever you commit to.  If something gets in the way, be prepared to discuss it and find a way forward.  Meetings are generally one-hour and may occur via Zoom or in-person if you are in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Work Meeting

Basic Pricing is listed below.  Because everyone has a unique situation, customized packages and a sliding scale is available.

$85 per session

Payment made prior to session.
No obligation for future sessions.
$300 for 4 sessions
$10 discount per session. Pre-Payment made prior to first session.
Includes 4 one-hour sessions
Design Your Ideal Career and Life
This is an 17 week package based on the Stanford program Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. This is perfect for someone who wants to start at square one to build a life and career you can thrive in.  It is a process to figure out your ideal path.  This is a major commitment.  There will be reading and homework each week.
Areas of conversation and work to include:
Week 1 — Getting to know you
Week 2 — Accepting Where You Are
Week 3 — Building Your Compass
Week 4 — Wayfinding
Week 5 — Character Strengths
Week 6 — Getting Unstuck
Week 7 — Designing Your Lives
Week 8 — Life Design Team
Week 9 — Odyssey Plan Discussion
Week 10 — Prototyping
Week 11 — Designing Your Dream Job
Week 12 — Choosing Happiness
Week 13 — Failure Immunity
Week 14 — Where Are We Now
Week 15 — LinkedIn and Resume Building
Week 16 — Interviewing Skills
Week 17 — Wrap Up

$1950 for 17 one-hour sessions
Includes a copy of Designing Your Life and The Designing Your Life Workbook, resume and LinkedIn review and emails answered in between. 
(monthly payment plan available)

To book a complimentary exploratory 30-60 minute session call/text Remi Gibbs at (702) 353.5986 or
email gibbs.remi@gmail.com.  

In this session, we'll get to know each other and decide
if we are a good fit for each other.