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Embracing the Midlife Bloom

Renovated Realities Coaching

Navigating the Women's Midlife Journey with a Coach!

In the midst of change, women often encounter a unique midlife crisis. It's not about losing, but gaining—gaining wisdom, rediscovering passions, and embracing a new sense of self.

Midlife is not a crisis—though it may feel like it; it's a transformation. Hire a coach to be your guide in turning this chapter into a beautiful story of growth and empowerment.


Ready to bloom? Let's chat!

Online and In-Person Coaching Available

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

Lady Bird Johnson


ABOUT ME-Remi Gibbs

Remi has a down-to-earth, easy-to-approach, yet no-nonsense style.  She motivates people to step into their true selves, build fulfilling lives and careers, and make themselves a priority so they are pouring from a full cup.  In her coaching and writing, she illuminates the pathway for self-growth and living authentically as well as the guidance for walking it. 

Remi has walked the challenging path of midlife. In 2015, she faced the loss of both parents, a complicated relationship, a career shift, and the emotional blow of losing a beloved pet. She wonder's why our mamas didn't teach us about this time of life...the life review and the unraveling, to use Bréne Brown's terminology. 

She is an entrepreneur with constant curiosity and through Renovated Realities is excited to help women connect with their strengths, rediscover their purpose, navigate midlife transitions and ignite their well-being. 

Coach Remi Gibbs

Veteran and First Responder Spouse

Veteran and First Responder Spouse

Why a Coach Matters:

Amidst the chaos, a coach becomes your compass, guiding you through transitions with expertise and empathy.

Here's how:


Personal Support System: A coach is your ally, providing a safe space to express fears, dreams, and uncertainties. Together, we navigate the journey.

Rediscovering Purpose: Feel lost? A coach helps you identify passions, strengths, and values, paving the way for a purpose-driven midlife.

Navigating Transitions: Career shifts, family dynamics—a coach empowers you to navigate transitions, turning challenges into opportunities.

Self-Care Reinvented: Midlife is about self-discovery and self-care. A coach collaborates with you to create a holistic plan for well-being.

Celebrating Achievements: Every step forward is a victory. A coach celebrates your successes, ensuring you acknowledge and appreciate your progress.

"Before working with Remi, I was really struggling with determining what my next business priority should be. I was so overwhelmed. However she was able to see exactly where I should put my focus next. She was able to help me remember what my goals were and navigate what action I needed to take."

-Jenell Camara, This Nurse Knows


Harlingen, Texas

Self-Improvement Column in Inspire Magazine
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