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Renovated Realities Coaching

Are you ready to live your best life?

You do get to a certain point in life where you have to realistically, I think, understand that the days are getting shorter.  And you can't put things off, thinking you'll get to them someday.  If you really want to do them, you better do them...

So, I am very much a believer in knowing what it is that you love doing so that you can do a great deal of it. - Nora Ephron

Remi Gibbs in Harlingen

Are you looking for a happier, purpose-driven existence?  Remi is dedicated to helping women who are ready to connect with themselves, are committed to their growth, and living a well-lived life. Her approach is holistic, connecting body, mind, and spirit to the world you live in.  When we identify what's important to all of the parts that make us up as humans and apply that to our lives and careers, we are then living a wholehearted, happier, purpose-focused life. 

If you are looking for a complete package to get yourself on track to leading a happier, more fulfilled life, consider Coach Remi's Signature Program: Journey Into Self.  Click the button for details.


If you are going through or considering a life or career transition, you probably have many questions about yourself, your life, and where you want it to go.

Unfortunately, real growth doesn't happen without discomfort.

Sustainable growth begins with you.

Who you are, what you want, what you love, and who you want to be?

If you don't have all of those answers today, that's ok.

That's what coaching is for.

We'll go exploring and we'll find the answers, together.

And then, we'll set you on a path of living an authentic, purpose-driven, fulfilling life.

Maybe that's the end of your story with coaching or maybe you want to go further.

Maybe you want to design the career or small business of your dreams.

Once we know who you are, we can then examine what you're good at, what you love doing, what difference

you want to make in the world, and what you can get paid for.

We'll look at the type of people you want to work with, what kind of conditions are important, and where you want to work—location and company.

Do you have big ideas that could become a small business or are you skilled at something you could consult on?

And then it's time to go on some guided expeditions.

This process does take time and does require a lot of work on your part.  It will however, ensure you that you are choosing a career that fits you like a glove and fulfills your mission in life. It's not for the faint-hearted or the lazy.  It is not a quick-fix to finding a job. If that is what you are looking for, I am not the coach for you.



For Small Business Development we can work on many different things depending on where you are in the process.

Developing the business owner mindset, tackling imposter syndrome, flushing out ideas, creating and executing marketing plans, writing business plans, and keeping you accountable for your growth are all part of my skillset.  I am also a great confident, cheerleader and guide for getting your business up and running. 

Throughout this process, we will focus on making you a priority.

I believe that to live wholeheartedly, we must nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits.

And therefore, self-care is weaved into all of my coaching.

Are you ready to grab the reigns and make the best investment you can investment into yourself?!

The first exploratory appointment is always free.  We'll meet over Google Meet from the comfort of your home.  If you don't see a time that works for you, let me know and we'll see what we can do.



To book a complimentary exploratory 30-60 minute session click "make appointment" above, call/text Remi Gibbs at

(702) 353.5986 or email  

In this session, we will get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit for each other.

The small print:  I know you want to know about my rates.  I am not free, but I also want to be able to work with people that need my services.  So, my standard rate is $75 per session.  If you are on a tight budget and are willing to commit to 6+ sessions we can discuss special priced packages. 

Coaching Cycle with Remi Gibbs

"I had the pleasure of working with Remi when I was a brand new coach, developing my brand.  As I started at zero, Remi helped me develop my ideas while offering practical feedback that I very much needed. She helped me expand my thinking into areas that I lacked expertise and her questioning was extremely helpful in propelling my process forward.  Without Remi, I would have stayed stuck in a place of not having knowledge or confidence to begin my business endeavors.  Since working with her, I am well on track to meeting all of my goals.  She was warm and open while also professional and a source of valuable information.  I cannot recommend Remi enough to anyone starting out with or without a business background, and to everyone seeking thoughtful guidance that will result in quick and thorough forward movement.  I am in true appreciation for her time and knowledge from which I will continue to benefit!"  —Jillian Cerullo, Frontcourt Female

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