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Are you ready to live your best life?

"After working with Remi, I felt lighter and more hopeful than I have in years. She listened, understood, and gave sound advice to help me move forward. She gave me a plan with realistic steps that helped me process things in a healthier way. I have been able to release the weight of traumas that I've carried since childhood because of what I learned from Remi." ~ Kim

Remi Gibbs in Harlingen

Seriously, why didn't our mamas talk to us about this phase in life?  Why aren't women talking about this?  It happens to all of us. The midlife unraveling for women could start in your mid-30's and run into your early 60's. It's different for everyone, but it often looks something like this:

Phase 1: A Life Review 

Do I want to be living this life when I'm 60? I've learned a lot in the past 40 or so years.  I've done a lot of the 'shoulds' that my parents and society told me to. But some of this doesn't fit me. Your career choice may not be working for you even if you spent 10 years in school and carry a buttload of debt. Your relationship status might be right for the younger you, but is no longer satisfying you.

Phase 2: Loss of Identity

This comes from any number of leaving home, a divorce, retirement, a move, parents passing, etc. We often attach our identity to something outside of ourselves and when that thing changes, we're often left without a purpose.

Phase 3: My Coping Mechanisms No Longer Work

Numbing, denying, not letting people in, lying to yourself and's not working for you anymore. Your walls are crumbling down around you.  You know it's time to heal and shed your coat of armor because it no longer fits.  This is a scary predicament.  You know it's going to be work to get through this.  Yet you know freedom is on the the other side.

Phase 4: Protect My Peace

You've done the work to embrace and love yourself.  You're no longer wearing a mask. You speak up for yourself.  You are you, the real you, in all situations. You have boundaries.  You have a self-care/happiness practice. You are comfortable in your own skin.  You live life to suit you in love and in kindness to yourself and others.

Doesn't Phase 4 sound amazing?! This can be you if you aren't afraid to do the work!

The work you and Remi will do together all depends on where you are in the process.  It's made up of:

  • Uncovering your values and learning to live in them

  • Identifying your character strengths and applying them to your life and career

  • Connecting with who you are under your labels, embracing your identity

  • Building a purpose that is connected to your life and career

  • Discovering your joys and passions

  • Developing a self-care/happiness practice

  • Identifying your trauma blocks and working with a therapist if deemed necessary

  • Embracing your authentic self and loving the person in the mirror

  • Setting boundaries to protect your peace

Are you ready to do the work?  Set up a complimentary discovery call to find out more.

The Basics of Thriving Through Midlife for Women: Group Coaching Program

Prefer a group setting to save money and connect with other women going through the same thing?  Check out my group coaching program forming now for July sessions.  See the details and register here.

Join the Conversation

Ready to join the conversation and chat with other women going through this crazy time? Join my Facebook Group, Women’s Midlife Crisis.

"Remi's guidance and support were so helpful as I navigated my career change. Her approach is insightful, optimistic, and kind. From our first session, Remi listened attentively and understood my unique challenges and aspirations. I appreciated her perspective, and she helped me gain clarity on my strengths, values, and long-term goals. I felt that my experience was very personalized, and she didn't offer a "cookie cutter" solution. Her network and industry knowledge also helped me make a professional connection that led to a working relationship! I highly recommend working with Remi! " ~Kat 

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